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Developed in partnership with POC team athletes Martin Söderström and Robin Wallner of the Ibis Enduro Racing Team, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN sets a new standard in terms of performance, protection, ventilation and comfort. Certified for downhill and enduro racing, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN has been specially designed for competitions. Thanks to the sophisticated ventilation system and the low weight, the helmet is ideal for warm temperatures and long descents. The innovative safety features integrated in the helmet absorb linear and rotational forces. The outer shell of the Coron Air Carbon SPIN is made of high-quality carbon fiber and is equipped with a multi-impact EPP liner for full protection and optimum performance. Similar to the new Coron Air SPIN, The Coron Air Carbon SPIN was equipped with the new SPIN technology. The SPIN pads help to reduce the energy that is applied to the brain during a fall with an oblique impact. Gel padding on the helmet side perfectly adapts to the shape of the head and absorbs linear and rotational forces through its free mobility, similar to the natural protective mechanism of the cerebrospinal fluid. Furthermore, the Coron Air SPIN offers a further developed ventilation system which transports the air even better through the helmet and thus guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort on hot days. The removable cheek pads add extra safety to head or neck injuries, and the ear chambers have been scaled up to reduce hearing and balance limitations.features

  • very easy
  • Ear areas optimized for a better balance
  • Chin guard provides high protection and at the same time easy breathing
  • Breakaway visor works in a fall away to protect the neck of the wearer
  • precise and seamless finish with the new Ora MTB glasses

Material / Construction

  • the outer shell of the very light and stable downhill and enduro fullface helmet is made of high quality carbon fiber
  • SPIN
  • EPP


  • Ventilation system with internal channels

Accommodation / upholstery

  • Removable cheek pads for extra security in case of head or neck injuries
  • simple and effective chin closure
  • removable
  • washable

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