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Technology from hell. Thanks to its DuraSkin anti-tear fabric, the grand prix 4-season holds up under extreme conditions. In the Paris – Roubaix race, the “hell of the north”, cyclists equipped with DuraSkin enhanced tires have the fewest tire related problems during the race. Incorporating our special wear resistant carbon compound, the tire is characterized by very good mileage performance as well as excellent adhesion on wet roads and at low temperatures. With the 23 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm versions, the grand prix 4-season makes it possible to select the right tire for various road qualities and comfort requirements. A double Vectran breaker belt under the tread raises the puncture and cut protection to the highest level available on the market.
Robust All Season Tire with worry free puncture protection and long lifespan
Solid choice for touring or training; perfect in all weather conditions
Superior puncture protection thanks to the double Vectran insert
Duraskin provides excellent grip, longevity, and sidewall protection
Available in 23mm, 25mm, and 28mm widths