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Even tougher than its venerable Ultra GatorSkin, Continental’s new GatorHardshell road tire delivers the ultimate blend of ride quality and long-term durability at a reasonable price. It features bead-to-bead DuraSkin protection and an extra-wide PolyX Breaker that extends from shoulder to shoulder for additional puncture resistance and improved mileage. Bead-to-bead DuraSkin protection Extra-wide PolyX Breaker extends shoulder-to-shoulder for additional puncture resistance Supple 180TPI casing for a responsive, comfortable ride Handmade in Germany
Product Specifications: 260 grams, 120 maximum PSI, Foldable
Ultra Gatorskin has set the bar for a perfectly-balanced bike ride.
Long-term durability without breaking the bank. Gator Hardshell delivers!
Bead-to-bead protection of DuraSkin, the Hardshell casing wraps further into the sidewall.
Extra-wide Ply-X break tread strip improves mileage, and increases puncture resistance.